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This eBook discusses user expectations for their digital work experience (i.e., experiences related to devices, collaboration tools, applications, and hybrid work scenarios employees have access to in the course of doing their jobs). In particular, this eBook explores differences in the attitudes and preferences observed between different generations of workers. These differences were quantified by a large-scale global survey of knowledge workers, IT decision makers, and HR stakeholders. When you read this eBook, you will:

– Learn how preferences related to devices differ among end-users by demographics, including the sustainability of the devices they use, the desire for user input on device specifications, and work styles preferred (i.e., in-office versus hybrid), among other topics.

– Understand why it is critical for organizations to adjust to these preferences to win the war for talent.

– Finally, see that while differences exist, shifting digital work strategies to cater to younger workers will resonate broadly and, ultimately, improve the experience for all workers.

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