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The relationship between the physical office and employees has reached a huge inflection point. The rise of hybrid and remote work has turned the relationship between workers and offices on its head.

Employees now expect more than a desk and a cubicle, or even a flexible work-at-home policy. The hybrid work revolution has sparked a change in the way organizations plan, design, and equip their spaces, giving employees the tools they need to achieve their best work. And it’s not just about comfort and flexibility. Tomorrow’s office layouts will encourage both group and individual creativity, enabled by hardware and technology.

More people are accepting hybrid work arrangements, where they split their time between the office and home, but they still yearn for a sense of connection, belonging, and meaning in their careers.1 Creating office neighborhoods and improving video conferencing are just two examples of emerging ways to improve the quality of both digital and physical interactions, making workers feel more creative, comfortable, and collaborative.

The growth of hybrid and remote work is enabled and improved by technology. So the time is now for companies to start evaluating what they need to carry them forward. From enhanced collaborative monitors to the latest in ergonomic tech, the right equipment is critical to making tomorrow’s workforce feel included, important, and productive.

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