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The shift towards hybrid work is about more than practicalities like convenience and cost efficiency. Employees, managers, and executives alike are now re-imagining not just how and when they work, but the intrinsic meaning of work itself. And with that comes a deeper examination of how the physical surroundings of an office space can and should evolve.

This fundamental assessment of what an office should be is happening in parallel with myriad innovations in technology, equipment, and design. Things like augmented reality (AR) and neighborhood design are propelling organizations towards manifesting the office of the future in the not-too-distant future.

Individual employees, leaders, managers, and contributors have never felt so empowered in how they engage with their work on a mental and physical level. With the rise of hybrid work, offices are not in direct competition with people’s homes. Organizations that can embrace this new worldview open up new possibilities for how they create their office spaces.

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