The growing trend towards globalization has arrived at the online shopper: 57% said they have recently conducted cross-border shopping online (Shopify, 2017). According to Accenture (2017) cross-border online shopping is supposed to grow by 29.3% annually and its share of total global e-commerce is estimated to reach 29.2% in 2020.

Nowadays, online merchants need to align their shop’s offer to global markets, in order to keep up with their competitors in international, cross-border e-commerce. The customer experience plays a central role: 75% of all companies consider the improvement of the customer experience their top priority in 2018 (Morgan, 2017). When facing the international expansion of one’s online shop, it is essential to create local relevance for the respective customer in the target market.

This whitepaper examines the three steps that help you create an extraordinary customer journey and describes why delivery is a key component of the customer experience.